CAPA's foundation on December 27th, 1985, with the aim of providing equipment for the construction market.

New facilities in Valongo and early development and manufacture of manhole covers and drainage systems.

New facilities in Valongo and early development and manufacture of Drainage and Sanitation systems.

Expansion of industrial facilities to Valongo - Oporto for the design and manufacture of modular buildings.

Internationalization to Mozambique.

Export Development kit for assembling buildings in Lobito (Angola) Realization of the first major modular construction with approximately 2000 m2 to provide support to the construction of the Port of Aveiro.

Obtaining the Certificate Management System (QMS) according to EN ISO 9001:2000 awarded by TUV Rheinland.

Delivery of our Drainage and Sanitation systems for the Euro2004 stadiums.


Provision of modular buildings to many destinations in Angola, Spain, France, Algeria, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Dominican Republic, among others, in two weeks to manufacture several houses for the accommodation of families battered by the huge fires this year under grants awarded by PT - Comunicações, SA.

Internationalization to Angola.

Construction of bank branches in Mozambique.

Construction of room to scrutinize the legislative elections in 2008 the Constitutional Court in Luanda and the administrative offices for the National Criminal Investigation Directorate of the Ministry of Interior - General Command of National Police.


Commencement of Development and construction of photovoltaic projects; New plant in Luanda (Angola).

New plant in Maputo (Mozambique); Performing Shipyard construction of hydroelectric exploitation of Baixo Sabor and administrative facilities at the Port of Luanda.

Construction of Polytechnic University in Mozambique.

The company starts moving towards the housing market with the development of new modular solutions as it is the case of Urban 2012.

The company performs a rebrand and branding for each of the business areas in order to communicate more effectively to its customers, its products and solutions. The brands CAPA Modular, CAPA Drain and CAPA Energy, are the result of the growth that the company has been experiencing year after year and made recognize the need to consolidate their visual identity and, in line with the increase and diversification of products and services in the industries it serves.

Entry into the market of the Republic of Congo through the provision of prefabricated modules to a campsite to build 12 hospitals in different cities.

Construction of 2 modern modular prefab hospitals in East Timor.

Entry into the markets of Peru and Chile with the supplying of several construction sites and base vies to support the construction of infrastructures.